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Two months + Marriage = Grown Up

Parents always say that their kids grow up way too fast but who would guess so much growth could come less than two months after Marriage. That seems to be the case for Maren Morris, after getting married back in March Morris says she has grown up and has been in a “healthier headspace” since. Morris has been writing music for her next album and says “The lyrics are more grown-up. I recorded my debut album when I was 24 . . . I’m 28 now. Doesn’t feel like that long ago, but a lot has happened in that chunk of time. I’m in a healthier headspace [and] less judgmental of myself.” We can only hope with this much change in under two months that there is more in the months and years to come.

Morris has been feeling the heat hoping her next album will hold its own and even received advice from fellow country music artist Keith Urban. He told her not to overthink it and that every album is a part of that artist’s life so “focus on being there” and then keep moving forward. Morris is ready to move saying, “I’m just gonna go into a dark studio for a week and begin this sonic exploration.” Morris will be joining Zedd and Grey to perform their song “The Middle” on Sunday, May 20 at the “Billboard Music Awards.”

-Intern Andrew