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Michigan man accused of stalking Mankato victim using GPS, showing up at her home with a gun

A Michigan man is facing several charges, including stalking while in possession of a gun and putting a mobile tracking device on a car, after police say he continued to harass his ex-girlfriend who lives in Mankato.

The victim’s father contacted Mankato Police and said the family was originally from Michigan but he moved here last summer when he took a job with one of the local colleges. The criminal complaint shows his daughter broke off the relationship with Shawn Thomason in May.

Following the break-up, the girl’s dad said she stopped in Chicago after a visit with her mother in Missouri and Thomason somehow found her at a train station there, even though she hadn’t told him she would be in the city.

The victim was out of the country for the rest of the summer but her father says Thomason continued to show up at his home, asking for his help in getting back together with her.

This weekend, investigators say Thomason showed up at the home and blocked the woman’s vehicle and began knocking on the car window, and refused to leave until a family member said she was calling the police.

The victim told police that she could not figure out how Thomason had tracked her down in Mankato since very few people knew of her address and she had blocked him on all social media accounts. An officer discovered two GPS trackers on her vehicle.

Thomason’s rental car was tracked to a motel in St. Peter and he was arrested there and his electronics devices – a cell phone and a GPS unit – were confiscated. A handgun and loaded clip were found in a bag inside the vehicle, along with electrical tape, gloves, a bandanna and makeup kit, and video and audio recording equipment. There were also four cell phones in the car, three of them inside homemade pouches meant to block them from being accessed by anyone trying to find him.

Also found in the car was a planner listing his intended travel destinations between Michigan and Mankato and a list of questions investigators believe he intended to ask the victim, which the report states appeared to grow more angry as it went on. The final typed entry is “Do you know you need to be held accountable for your actions?” The document also includes, “People get shot over things like this,” and, “You will honor your commitment.”

Thomason is charges with two felony stalking counts, a gross misdemeanor stalking charge, illegally installing a tracking device, and domestic assault.