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Tuesday on The Country Club with TJ & Lisa

Drink something green for us!  Cheers!  Intern Bartender is back with us tomorrow! No winner this morning in the Run for the Money.  That Jackpot is HUGE!  $540.00 is what you play for Wednesday morning at 7:10am. Steven Tyler’s country album?  This is what we know… Tyler moved to Nashville in January.  He is expected…Continue Reading

Monday on The Country Club With TJ and Lisa

Hey Y’all…No winner this morning in the Run for the Money!  We play for $520.00 on Tuesday morning!  Who couldn’t use that? McTrivia Question 90% of people will have eaten 11 of these by the time they are 80.  What are they? A: Cows Tuesday we chat with the folks from the Speechless Film Festival.Continue Reading