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Grant Farm’s “Get in Line” Music Video

Grant Farm’s new album, Kiss the Ground, features the ups and downs of the working class. It includes the new hit “Get in Line”, a song which states, “If salvation’s what you’re looking for, then, brother, get in line” The album was released summer of 2016 and is available on iTunes. Watch the premiere of the…Continue Reading

Eric Church’s Minneapolis Concert was Over the TOP!

On Friday January 20th, Eric Church performed at his sold-out, no-opening-act, THREE hour, 37-song performance at the Target Center. You read that correctly! 37 out of his 57 recorded songs on his five albums were done on Friday night. In contrast, George Strait’s Vegas concerts have featured 34 songs max and Garth Brooks usually performs under…Continue Reading

Brothers Osborne Looking in the Past

Brothers Osborne are on a quest to find the street clarinetist who plays regularly in New Orleans. The only issue? They cannot remember her name. They note that her music was so raw and pure, as well as their other inspirations from the past that contribute to their songs. Take a closer look at this…Continue Reading

Holidays Come Early for Nashville Fans

If you have been battling your thirst for some new Nashville episodes, your in luck because the holidays have come early for you Nashies! As a gift for the fans, CMT will sneak the first hour of the two-hour season premiere of Nashville on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The actual season premiere is…Continue Reading

Garth Brooks Salutes our Vets on Good Morning America

In honor of this special and important day, Garth Brooks performed “Belleau Wood” from his 97′ album “Sevens” to honor our veterans. Garth co-wrote the late 90’s hit, about soldiers in the midst of war who call a Christmas truce and join together on the battlefield to sing “Silent Night.” The song reflects a brief…Continue Reading