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Ty James

Ty James

    Where you’re from?  San Diego, CA

    My Favorites:

    TV Show: Family Guy, That 70’s Show, Big Bang Theory
    Movies:  Animal House, Bad News Bears, Beverly Hills Cop
    Apps:  TVG Racebook – a must for horse racing fans
    Books: Waiting for Melania Trump’s book to come out after the impeachment, and divorce.


    1.  Born on Christmas Eve
    2.  Played professional baseball in Mexico for 4 years.
    3.  Only child – and I have only one child.  Isaac, 17 is a JR at Mankato West.
    4.  I have only 3 toes on my left foot
    5.  Once dated Jewel for a few months. (yes, THAT Jewel)
    6.  I am half Latino and speak fluent Spanish.
    7.  Was the lead singer in a band (The Rude Mechanicals) in CA in the mid 90’s.
    8.  I enjoy most forms of gambling – especially horse racing & poker.
    9.  I love animals – currently have 2 dogs & 3 cats.
    10.  I am single.  Married once divorced once.


    Addictions: Mexican Food – Professional Wrestling – all things ESPN

    Most Prized Possession: My dogs and cats, autographed rookie Tony Gwynn baseball card.
    Dream Vacation: Any cruise (Bahamas, Caribbean, etc.)
    Fave Restaurants: Zanz
    Fave Drinks:  Orange Gatorade
    Fave Clothing Store:  I’m a dude – so I don’t have a favorite clothing store.
    Fave Music: 70’s & 80’s R&B
    Typical Breakfast:  (2) 5-Hour Energy Shots!
    Guilty Pleasures:  Guacamole – I’ll put it on anything.
    In My Purse/Wallet: Cards and ID – no cash usually, lol!
    Pet Peeves:  Any form of racism or bigotry
    Volunteer Work/Charities: Involved with all of the following; American Red Cross, Green Peace, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Charities, American Diabetes Association, Boy Scouts of America, and the Southern Minnesota Autism Coalition.
    More About Me: Kids & pets love me.  I’m a great guy – I can’t believe I’m still single!